Alex Sambom’s Killer Has Been Found

West Papua : Propaganda by the Papua Separatist Group (KSP) regarding the Alex Sambom’s case, they said that the poor man was killed by the ‘mysterious people’ as an act of genocide. The fact, local police had captured the perpetrator, SLO (31), after two hours investigation.

On October 15th in Kampung Phoukow, Jayapura, Province of Papua a murdered man with an exposed body was found. The victim is further known as Alex Sambom. After the investigation, it turns out that Sambom was murdered due to the torture with a wood by the perpetrator initials SLO (31). SLO was caught by the Police Sector Abepura two hours after Sambom’s dead body was found. The persecution against Sambom was done as a result of revenge against the victim’s uncle. Before the incident happened, the perpetrator intention was to meet the victim’s uncle, he then converged with the Victim which was not dressed at the moment. However, seeing the behavior of the victim who immediately escaped when being questioned by the perpetrator, the perpetrator who was in a high tension of emotion then persecuted the victim to death.

This event of persecution in Papua is a criminal offense perpetrated by civilians. Criminal acts such as murder, robbery, and others were actions that frequently encountered in various countries. Even for developed countries, criminal acts committed by civilian existed. Nonetheless, the state as a guarantor institution for its people must carry out its functions properly, so that the crime arose can be overcome and the victim of the criminal act can be obtained intact. From the incident above, The Abepura Police Sector has taken the maximum step to investigate the persecution.

Nevertheless, there are a handful of people who took advantage of that tragic incident to spread fake news. For instance, the Separatist Group of Papua (KSP) that operating overseas used the Alex Sambom case as a propaganda material. They said that Alex Sambom was killed by a ‘mysterious people’ with the primary aim of genocide against the Papuans. Whereas two hours after the Victim was found, the local police have successfully captured the Perpetrator. Besides, there is no evidence of genocide activity in Papua. Indonesia always concerns about the enforcement of human rights all over Indonesia’s territory, including Papua. Since the administration of President Abdurrahman Wahid (2001), Indonesia has opened the representative offices of the National Commission on Human Rights, Human Rights Court, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Papua to ensure the human rights protection.

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By: Syani. Z (Researcher, MaCDIS)


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