Development Agenda: Jokowi Builds Holtekamp Bridge in Jayapura City

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The construction of the Holtekamp Bridge jointly undertaken by the Ministry of PUPR, the Government of Papua Province, and the Jayapura City Government is currently continuously accelerated of the settlement. Currently, the longest physical development progress of the Holtekamp Bridge in Papua has reached 78.68%.

Minister of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR), Basuki Hadimuljono said, the construction of Holtekamp Bridge in Jayapura City can be completed faster than the target, which is in September 2018 or faster than the original plan in 2019. “The construction of the Holtekamp Bridge does not have much of problems, as the initial plan will be completed in 2019, but we are trying to accelerate the settlement,” Basuki said in an official statement.

The construction of the Holtekamp Bridge which has the type of Steel Box Arch Bridge will be an icon and a new tourist destination in Papua, especially Jayapura. “We already have the design. The Green Open Space will be built at the foot of the bridge that can be enjoyed by the wider community and can also be developed for water sports such as skiing and rowing,” said Basuki.

Currently, the construction of one of the two main steel arches of the Holtekamp Bridge manufactured at PT PAL Indonesia in Surabaya has been completed and is ready to be delivered by ship intact to Jayapura for installation. “Generally, a series of bridges is done at the site, but for Holtekamp, the construction is done in different places, namely PT PAL Indonesia Surabaya,” said Basuki. In the construction, the level of domestic components (TKDN) used in the construction of the bridge reaches 95%. This is to support the increased domestic utilization and production of steel.

Some other advantages are, this is a curved bridge box with the longest span and widest in Indonesia. This is also the delivery of the furthest intact bridge that is 3200 km from Surabaya to Jayapura with an estimated 30-day journey. The consideration to produce the main spans in Surabaya is to mitigate construction failures when the main span framework is done in Jayapura. The reason is, the area of Jayapura is including of the prone area to earthquakes. So it will improve safety aspects, improve the quality of welding and speed up the implementation time of 3 months.

The length of the main span is 400 meters plus the 332-meter approach bridge consisting of 33 meters of approach from Hamadi and 299 meters from Holtekamp so the total length of the bridge is 732 meters. The width of the bridge is 21 meters consisting of 4 lanes and 2 directions equipped median road.

The existence of the Holtekamp Bridge has a strategic value, namely to overcome the density of urban areas, settlements, and economic activities within the city of Jayapura. The reason, this bridge cut the distance to 17 kilometers between the two locations. This can be cut the travel time from Jayapura City to Muara Tami which will lead to the State Border Crossing Station (PLBN) which previously took 2.5 hours now to 60 minutes.

The funding for the Holtekamp Bridge construction is done through the PUPR Ministry budget for the construction of the main bridge, the Papua Provincial Government funded the construction of the Holtekamp Direction Bridge, and the Jayapura City Government funded the construction of road approaches and land acquisitions.

In addition to being a proof of the seriousness of the government in carrying out development in eastern Indonesia, Jokowi also wanted to show that Indonesia can build a reliable infrastructure with technology owned in the country. Jokowi also boasts a bridge with a total length of 732 meters that reaches over the sea at Youtefa Bay in Jayapura is built by three state-owned companies, PT Pembangunan Perumahan, PT Hutama Karya, and PT Nindya Karya.

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