Mulu Airport, a Unique Airport Located Between Jayawijaya Snow Mountains

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Indonesia has a unique airport, namely Mulu Airport in Papua. The airport offers amazing views. Mulu Airport is located in Tsinga Village, Mimika Regency, Papua and is included in the customary land area of the Amungme Tribe.

Mulu Airport was built by PT Freeport Indonesia for indigenous Amungme Tribes residing in three villages (Waa-Banti, Aroanop, and Tsinga). Mulu Airport was inaugurated by Regent Mimika, Klemen Tinal and witnessed by community leaders, as well as hundreds of Tsinga residents on January 28, 2011. Mulu Airport has a runway along the 630 meters with a width of 30 meters and can be landed aircraft type twin otter.

In addition, Mulu Airport is also equipped with a terminal building area of 12 x11 square meters, SSB radio, KVA generator sets, wind direction, and passenger space for waiting. This airport is not only unlocking the isolation area but also improves the quality of human resources and basic needs.

Although called the airport, but this place is not like the airports in general. Perhaps this airport is more accurately called the airfield because there is almost no permanent building in this place. There is only one small permanent building in this Mulu Airport.

Located in the highlands of Mimika Regency, Mulu airport is located at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above sea level. To the left of the airport is the row of summits of the Sudirman Mountains with its eternal snow. Dark and glistening black as the bias of sunlight bursts on its surface in the morning.

Mulu Airport becomes the entrance for Jayawijaya Mountain climbers. This small airport will be the entrance for climbers from all over the world who want to try to climb one of the roofs of the world, the peak of Jayawijaya. The traveler can see the gradations of the summits of the Sudirman Mountains up to the green of Mimika rainforest which has the diversity of flora and fauna. Around Mulu Airport stands unique small Papua houses that make up the village. This is the land of Papua with the Amungme Tribe in it which has beautiful scenery.

Mulu Airport also can give facilitates for the Amungme Tribe people to get access to transportation. If people go on foot, the journey between Tsinga and Timika can take up to 4 days. With the Mulu Airport, people can now travel within 15 minutes. In addition, the government also applies the subsidized airline ticket system. Currently, the surrounding community has benefited from the presence of the Mulu Airport. (

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