Papua Bangkit Stadium

Source: Bidang Data dan Informasi KONI Papua, 2017
Source: Bidang Data dan Informasi KONI Papua, 2017

The main stadium for National Sport Week (PON) 2020, Papua Bangkit Stadium, will be the second largest stadium in Indonesia, and it also has fulfilled the FIFA standard

West Papua will be a host in the accomplishment of National Sports Week (PON)  2020. It is decided based on Act Letter (SK) Ministry of Youth and Sports No. 0110/2014 on 2nd April 2014. The execution of PON in West Papua formerly was the proposal of Governor Lukas Enembe to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, then the proposal accepted and legitimized in 2014.

To prepare the event, Government of Indonesia has been building several stadia. One of the stadia is Papua Bangkit Stadium which was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo. Papua Bangkit Stadium in Harapan Village, Sentani, Jayapura Regency will fulfill the FIFA standard. It means that the stadium is feasible to hold Asia football tournament and even international football tournament

The stadium with width 13 hectares, also has a warm-up field for both teams in the game, “As we say that this stadium has no doubt is the world-class stadium. So we are expecting for the opening and closing of PON 2020 will be held here,” said Yusuf Yambe Yabdi, Head of Youth and Sports Service of Papua Province. (Papua Province, 2017)

The establishment of the stadium will finish in December 2018. The stadium will have forty-five hundred seats, “Hence, if Indonesia hosts the World Cup 2034, we in Papua Province are able to be one of the host organizers. Since Papua Bangkit Stadium has fulfilled the FIFA standard.” Said Yusuf (Papua Province, 2017).

Papua Bangkit Stadium will be used as the main stadium of PON 2020. It needs 660 billion rupiahs to build the stadium. Papua Province itself has channeled around 180 billion rupiahs for land acquisition. The second step budget has been accepted by 2017 State Budget and Revenue around 660 billion rupiahs.

“Beside the establishment of the stadium, we also rehabilitate a number of places which will be the venue of PON 2020. We strive to privatize this rehabilitation project considering not all the venue use government budget,” said Yusuf. (Info Nawacita, 2017)

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