The Poultry Farming Business Program has Helped to Improve the Economy of Papuans

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The Tunas Sawaerma (TSE) Business Group provides poultry farming for the community in Asikie, Boven Digoel, Papua. Poultry farming for the community is expected to increase the level of people’s income. It is implemented as one of the public awareness programs on entrepreneurship.

The activities of this business group are one of the programs of CSR to the people living near with the company. With this activity is expected to improve living standards of residents in the area. This program has been held since several years ago that is in April 2013 and this activity goes without any significant obstacles. In this period TSE has made purchases as many as 11,881 chicks which are then farmed.

The local residents also get a benefit from this CSR program activities. The results of this poultry farm can be resold in the area around of the company with a price tag of about 55,000 IDR per head. The revenue from the sale of chicken is then entered into the cash together and also some are reinvested to develop the business. The residents found that this CSR program is very helpful for their daily needs. (

Quoted from, the community also admitted that the TSE poultry farming cultivation program is very useful, as mentioned by Yakobus Tawab, one of The farmers who coached by TSE. Yakobus said, since 2013, he and his group managed the season of cut chicken by nine times with income reaching 15-20 million IDR per season. The income earned by poultry farmers can be used for educational and health purposes. Yakobus mentioned, after this, he plans to develop a chicken egg business.

“The benefits are many. The broilers yield can be used for school children and health cost. It is very useful for us who only earn daily income from hunting, “said Yakobus.

Currently, Yakobus and his team have a chicken coop with a capacity of up to 1,500 chickens, with 1,000 broilers and 500 laying hens. It was obtained after joining poultry farming with TSE since 2013. With this community development program, in addition to reducing poverty in Papua by improving the economy also can help the community to be independent.

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Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)

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