Today’s Infrastructure Development in Wamena, the Papua’s Untouched Gem

ancestors in the highland of Papua, you must notice that the starting point of your journey to the tribal land is Wamena. Surrounded by thick Papuan wilderness, it appears like a shining gem in the lush tapestry. The capital of Jayawijaya regency of which rural area is Once you are about to begin your ethnical expedition to see the mummified Dani’s home to the annual Baliem festival might not be a bustling metropolis. However, the dream to be a modern city full of sophistication will be realized in the near future. At least, these following infrastructures have marked the freshest high development in Wamena:

The Outstanding Recent Development of Wamena Airport


The former Wamena airport might not be as elegant as today’s look. It used to be a dingy, aged building capped with tin roof sending out warm air – ironically, some often associate the public area with the chicken coop. After being restored by the latest Indonesian authority in 2015, the novel air terminal fascinatingly becomes the one filled with majestic glamour and advanced man-made creation in the modern human civilization of West Papua. This indication is such an impressive accomplishment achieved by the latest administration when it comes to fixing the nation’s infrastructure issue.

Not only is the airport laden with pretentious, twenty-first face but it also comes with an expansive shape, able to load thousands of passengers waiting for their flight. The center for air transportation has a runway by the size of 1, 825 m x 30 m. According to the trusted source, the structure expansion will keep on going next year. Serving around 150 to 180 domestic flights per day, the airport of Wamena has turned into one of the busiest air terminals in the entire West Papua. The hustle is also supported by the local government’s seriousness toward the tourism industry in recent years. The promotion of Baliem festival is the key factor to attract people to go for a visit in Wamena.

Papuan Trans Road from Wamena to other Cities


Another genuine manifestation of infrastructure development in Wamena is the land connectivity. Yes, it is true that the average geographical condition of West Papua is mostly ragged and mountainous, hampering the land transport mode to travel. Although this natural state has tested the seriousness of national rule in reaching the equitable development, it doesn’t discontinue the government’s determination to create better Wamena. Ultimately, the smooth land access connecting to other municipalities from Timika to Nduga is fruitfully manifested. This public facility will automatically be advantageous to anybody who plans to travel with cars.

Made up of the finest quality of asphalt material, the Papuan trans road can efficaciously boost the economic sector in the highlands of West Papua which was previously unreachable. The opening of new land route eventually gives a number of great opportunities for the locals to stay productive and keep the inland mobilization high. In addition to all and the most significantly, the road development literally saves people’s transportation expenditure compared to those who travel by airplane – for sure, the land access is far cheaper than the air one.

The Scheme to Build an Internationally Accredited Hospital


While for the health sector, the local government sets a plan to establish a modern hospital in line with the international standard in Wamena. According to John Wempi Wetipo, the regent of Jayawijaya, a four-story hospital with a top international facility in the heart of Wamena will immediately be built and ready to use in late 2017. The scheme will take into account the environmental impact assessment. The health public spot called Siloam hospital will be loaded with 200 wards provided for residents owning a health card and 50 wards with VIP class. As a matter of fact, the place for treatment already has complete facilities including 4 operating theaters and an emergency room.

The Ubiquitous Shopping Centers

Shopping mall -
Shopping mall –

To meet the daily needs, both the shopping aficionados and any residents who want to shop can obviously benefit the presence of shopping centers in the entire Wamena. Back in the day, the public spots ranging from kiosk to department store were only available in the city center. On the other hand, today’s shopping center development reaching out the outskirt of Wamena allows the people to get easy shopping access. Based on a trusted report, there are around 350 stores standing up in the district of Hubikiak previously known as a jungle area.

To conclude, the infrastructure development in Wamena in recent years has significant indication that anybody can’t think little of. From the swanky airport to rapidly growing shopping centers, the capital sitting in the highland of West Papua is prepared to be the most developed and modern place in the entire island. The gate to the tribal world indeed deserves a visit.