The Tourism Spots in West Papua and the Access

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Papua is a part of Indonesia located on the east. Since a long time ago, there are many potential things to be explored here particularly in term of tourism destination. Yes, this area may not have big playground like it is in the big cities. However, the landscapes of Papua are indeed heavenly. The area is surrounded by ocean with beautiful creatures. One of the most popular ones is probably Raja Ampat that is already known as the best place for diving and other water activities. So, is it the only one? Of course, there are still many others. Here are some tourism objects in West Papua you must visit.

Famous Tourism Objects in West Papua

  • Tapurarang Archeological Site, Fakfak

This site is placed in the Kokas district, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. Slightly, the archeological site is not more than just rocky cliffs. However, once you go there, it can be seen something unique; the painting of human and animals’ palm that are predicted to be there even from prehistoric age. What makes this place more beautiful is about the colors of painting that are never washed off. The painting was made from natural ingredients. The red ones are even claimed to be made from human blood. It is creepy indeed but still incredible.

  • Ocean Tourism in Raja Ampat

Out of many tourism spots in West Papua, Raja Ampat is probably the most popular one. Thanks to the beauty of under-the-sea landscape along with the spreading of around 610 small islands. Uniquely, there are only 35 of those islands that have been inhabited by human. It is claimed that the corals of Raja Ampat are the most complete ones in the world. More than that, there are also more than 1,100 species of fishes, 669 species of Mollusk, and still many others in almost all parts of the ocean. For the fame of Raja Ampat, it seems that this place is the most reachable one. The barrier of visiting Papua is basically for the infrastructure and means that are not developed yet. But in Raja Ampat, everything seems easier than other places.

  • Cendrawasih Bay National Park

Are you lovers of diving? If yes, visiting this place is a must. Cendrawasih Bay is known as the largest ocean water park in Indonesia. Again, you can enjoy numerous water species with beautiful shapes and colors. Some of them are Butterfly Fish, Angel Fish, Anemone, Damsel Fish, and many more. Interestingly, those species are rarely found in other places even in the tropical areas. After being satisfied in diving, you can enjoy inner scenery of a cave. This cave was formed during prehistoric age along with the spring source with high level of sulfur.

Access and Transportation

Some years ago, reaching tourism spots in West Papua is not something easy due to the limited transportation means. Fortunately, it has been developed well recently. There are some big airports including Dominique Edward Osok Airport in Sorong, Fakfak Airport, and Rendani Airport in Manokwari. Besides, land transportation is also getting easier for the development of big roads on some areas.

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