The Two Trans Papua Road Points are Connected and Can be Used by The Communities

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The National Road Development Center (BBPJN) VIII Papua stated that there are currently two of the dozens point of Trans Papua development road that has been connected and started to be used by the community.


This was conveyed by Head of BBPJN VIII Oesman Marbun, in Jayapura, Saturday (2/12), quoted from Antara. “The Mulia Region, Puncak Jaya Regency to Sinak, Puncak Regency is already connected. From Enarotali, Paniai Regency to Timika, Mimika Regency, it is open but we still have to reduce the surface because it is still too steep,” said Oesman.

He added, for Sinak-Mulia, the road has been used by the community so that it is now functional. He emphasized that in accordance with its goal, the development of Trans Papua road to open the isolation of areas and open connectivity between districts has started to be realized until the development will be completed in 2019.

Oesman said that the construction of the Trans Papua road totaling about 3,259 kilometers, the process continues and is believed to go according to with the plan. “Progress this year is already 88 percent of 113 kilometers to be done, next year we will do another 187 kilometers,” he said.

According to him, although the implementation of this road development has many factors are inhibiting, especially the weather problem, the government’s commitment to open road access throughout the Papua region remains strong. “The rest of the work after 2017 is about 353 kilometers longer, and generally there is in the middle (mountains) of Papua that has not entered. The end of this year’s work to build a Trans Papua road can be completed about 89 percent, leaving just 11 percent, “Osman said.

Quoted from, in addition to Trans Papua road, the Public Works and People’s Housing Center (PUPR) also built a 1.097 km cross-border road between Indonesia and PNG (from Jayapura-Merauke), yet 213 km has not been connected, namely Jayapura-Oksibil-Iyur-Maropko-Tanah Merah-Merauke. In addition to the unfinished road construction there are 55 bridges that still have obstacles such as from Wamena-Mumugu there are 35 bridges.

Furthermore, Osman said that the segment of Trans Papua road development which is expected in 2018 will be connected, namely Segment 1. Nabire road-West Papua Border, 2. Nabire road-Enarotali road, 3. Enarotali-Mulia-Wamena road segment. 4. Jayapura-Wamena road segment. 5. Wamena-Mumugu road section. 6 Kenyam-Dekai road, 7. Dekai-Oksibil road, 8. Oksibil-Waropko road segment. 9. Waropko-Tanah Merah – Merauke segment, and 10. Wagete-Timika road segment.

“Crossing the border between RI-PNG from Jayapura to Merauke has also been built Trans Papua road from Jayapura-Yetti and from Boven Digoel-Merauke,” he said. “All of the Trans Papua road construction will be completed until 2019,” he added.

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Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)