Village Fund for the Productivity of West Papua Villages

Village Funds are funds allocated by the Government of Indonesia to improve the welfare and equity of village development. In Papua and West Papua Provinces continues to increase annually. Total village funds for both provinces in 2017 reached 5.6 billion. Village Funds in West Papua are used to support the livelihood productivity of rural communities.

The problem of inequality that occurs between rural and urban areas encourages the government to issue Government Regulation no. 60/2016 on Village Funds sourced from the State Budget (APBN).

Village Fund is a state recognition of the region, especially rural areas. Village funds are expected to improve the welfare and equity of village development through improving public services in villages, promoting village economics, addressing development gaps between villages, and strengthening rural communities as development subjects. (Ministry of Finance)

Total Village Fund in Papua Province and West Papua Province, 2016 and 2017

From the total 74,810 villages scattered throughout Indonesia, there are 5,420 villages in Papua Province and 1,743 in West Papua Province. Village funds in both provinces always increase every year. In 2016, the budget of the Village Fund for Papua Province reached Rp3,385,116,457, and for West Papua Province Rp1,074,690,239. In 2017, the Village Fund for Papua Province reached Rp4,300,945,518, while for West Papua Province Rp1,364,412,396. (Ministry of Finance, Budget Data

The existence of the Village Fund program has a positive impact on the development and productivity of the village itself. In Mendali Village, Papua Province village funds were used to build fish cages installed in Lake Sentani. The funds are also used to buy fish food making machines. Agreement to make this aquaculture business is taken through village deliberation and proved able to bring significant changes to the community.

“We are also beginning to develop fish food production. During this time we bring fish food from Surabaya with the price of three hundred thousand rupiah sack. With our existing machines we will produce fish food, “said the Head of Mendali Village, Wenfred Wally (Ministry of Rural)

If the fish food product is successful, Mendali Village will supply raw materials for fish food in Jayapura, since the area of Mendali Village is rich in raw materials for fish such as sweet potatoes leaves, water hyacinth leaves, and cassava.

Besides used to support livelihood productivity in the village. Village funds are also used to build physical infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, and irrigation canals.

In Malaumkarta Village, West Papua Province, Village Fund is used to building hydroelectric power infrastructure. The community of Malaumkarta together with the local government also planned the development of tourism places, to achieve that, various tourism facilities and infrastructure were prepared, such as homestay, parking, and the development of Turtle Breeding Center as a tourist destination. (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

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By: Syani Z. (Researcher, MaCDIS)

Editor: Nabilah Audah