West Papua, A Paradise for Living Things in the Cenderawasih Bay National Park #2

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West Papua. The Cenderawasih Bay National Park became a place of refuge buffer systems in the life, the importance of research, science and education, cultivation support, utilization of natural resources biodiversity and its ecosystem and place for tourism and recreation in West Papua.

Cenderawasih Bay National Marine Park has an area of ​​1.453.500 Ha, is the largest Marine National Park in Indonesia. Geographically the area is  between 1 ° 43 ‘-3 ° 22 ‘S and 134 ° 06 ‘ – 135 ° 10’E.  Wide area is contained within the counties is about 80% percent  Wondama From Cenderawasih Bay National Marine its entirety. Cenderawasih Bay National Marine Park area stretching from the island chain jointly managed from East Cape Kwatisore in the South to the North over the Rumberpon island. Covered in it 500 Km of coastline of the Papua Chief Island with the Stem of its Coral reefs and coastal beaches and coral reefs of the 18 that are within the core zone of the protective zone amd the zone of limited utilization. To  the 18 islands are: the Nuburi Island, Papaya, Nutabari, Kumbur, Anggromeos, Kabuoi, Rorado, Kuwom, Matas, Rouw, Iwaru, Rumarakon, Nusambier, Maransabadi, Nukup, Paison, Numerai, and Wairundi in West Papua.[1]



[1] Taman Nasional Laut Teluk Cenderawasih http://www.wondamakab.go.id/konservasi/taman-nasional-teluk-cendrawasih . Diakses 15 November 2017

Key Words: Cenderawasih Bay National Park,  Research Interests, Science and Education, Tourism, West Papua

By: Arifina Wijaya (Reasearcher, MaCDIS)

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