West Papua Police Intertwine Intimacy with the Society

 West Sentani District Police, Pamala Harianja, with the other police officers, visited and engaged in social service at Maribu Village. This event made in order to ensure the structure in Maribu Village and to build more harmonious relationship between police and society

Two of the police duties are to ensure the security and order also to give their service to the society. In order to fulfil their two obligations, police need to build a harmonious relationship with the society. A good relationship between police and society can be achieved with a good face to face communication between the two parties.

On 11th November 2017,  of West Sentani District Police Pamala Harianja, with the other police officers visit and engage in a social service in the home of Ondoafi (Customary Head), Maribu Village, Zakkarias Bonyadone. The event was attended by Babinsa Maribu Village, Serda Frets, Ondoafi Maribu Village, Zakkarias Bonyadone, Head of Maribu Village, Wellem Yabansabra, seven pilgrims of Bethesda Church, and fifteen youth of Maribu Village.

The event was started with the community work to clean the yard of Bethesda Church Meribu Village approaching Christmas in December. Next agenda on that event was a meeting between Head of West Sentani District Police with Mr. Ondoafi Zakkarias Bonyadone, Head of Village.

In that occasion, Parnala Harianja encourage youth of Maribu Village to always exercise the positive activities for the development of this village and not to consume alcoholic beverages. Because the origin of every criminal act was influenced by alcoholic beverages.

“I also invited Mr. Ondoafi and Head of Village together keeping the security and public order before the December to be safe and conducive,” Said Head of West Sentani District Police

“I appreciate the social service and hospitality held by West Sentani Police District, and I promise to support the police to create the security and public order in Maribu Village to be safer and more conducive in the future,” replied Ondoafi of Maribu Village

At the end of the event, Head of West Sentani District Police gave support in form of one cubic of logs to build Christmas Hut in Maribu Village and Christmas implementation by the youth of Maribu Village which has been planned on 1st December 2017.

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